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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday Farmer's Market near Rennes Metro, May 19

Rennes Farmer's Market.May19
A brief break in the rain allowed me to meet Paris Urban Sketcher Kim at the Rennes Farmer's Market, which she visits every Sunday for produce.  It was lovely!  Amazing breads and french cheeses, all sorts of veggies...all in the narrow space under the trees in the median of the Boulevard Raspail.

Alas, this sketch is a little overworked, but I like the baskets!
In this shot is radishes, lettuces, pumpkin, squash, piles of broccoli, leeks, green onions, purple onions, basil, and more...

It was great meeting Kim, who has suggusted I start to post as a blog correspondent on Paris Urban Sketchers at
Merci, Kim! I'd be honored!


  1. This is a great way to follow your adventures, Stephanie. Is there a way to follow this blog? I can't seem to find the right way to do it.
    Sorry to hear that the weather has been such a drag. It could definitely color your first impressions.
    I found the first week or two the most difficult, getting adjusted and jet lagged. But it soon changed.
    Great sketches, by the way.

    1. Hi Mike,
      there must be some way to follow the blog, but I'm hard pressed to tell you how. I'm still trying to figure out Facebook!

      The first week was much harder than I expected. I think the anticipation of this big trip, huge opportunity, affected my ability to sleep (I'm just too excited, really) and that worsened my jet lag. That and the constant rain.

      I so so so appreciate your encouragement, can't tell you how much! Really good to hear it gets better after the first week or two, I am eager to find my rhythm...perhaps once I check into the Cité des Arts on June 3.

      You are an inspiration!! Thanks so very much for this~~

    2. Stephanie,
      If it makes you feel any better, I was ready to quit and go home after the first week. For all of the reasons you mentioned, I hardly slept the first week and was quite exhausted. I then finally got a good night's sleep and things improved. Things will get better!

  2. Charming composition and colors! I also like the stacks of baskets.