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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Notre Dame

Yesterday, it started to rain again while I was walking 
to buy watercolor paper near the Pantheon.  So, I 
made a left turn and joined the long lines to enter 
Notre Dame.  Walked around the entire interior, 
then found a spot to sit.  Listened to mass in 
French while drawing.

I did the complete line drawing in the cathedral, 
but it was too dark to paint it there. And since 
today it poured like cats and dogs, I was able 
to stay inside and work on several sketches, 
including this one.  This is such a big Parisian icon,
I felt some pressure to do a good job...

Click on the image to see it better.

Notre Dame. detail. June 12

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  1. Stephanie: I lost track of your travels for awhile in the midst of the festivities associated with John K's high school graduation. I'm back on the blog and loving it! Seeing lots of familiar places in your beautiful hand. Keep up the good work! Karen