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Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Roma

It's proving to be difficult to post while on the road.  I will have to post more sketches from this trip once back in Paris.  We are now in Barcelona--I am at the Urban Sketchers Symposium (which is amazing--so well organized too!) and Nicholas is on his own in a hostal doing what 19 year olds do (drinking, beach, more drinking...)

However, we did spend almost 24 hours in Rome.  What a beautiful city!  The colors seem to just glow in the Italian light--rusts, ochres, warm yellows...just amazing.  We did a lot of walking around to see the sights--the colosseum (where it started to rain), to the pantheon, to a tartufo in the Piazza Navona, and then the Spanish Steps...we came back here the next morning so I could do a sketch.  Tons and tons of tourists here and blazing heat, but this is one Roman sketch in this beautiful city.

Masses of tourists and scorching sun in the morning at the Spanish Steps.
A sketch before we head on to Barcelona. July 10.

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