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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Last Sketch in Holland

Before leaving Den Haag on Tuesday morning, I decided to try another sketch of my aunt and uncle's view north, this time in my sketchbook (the Pentallic sketchbook has better paper than the canson from the previous sketch.  It's pentallic and Arches in the future for me...)

This is more detail painting than I usually do, and it's also a different approach to painting trees.  A bit like cotton balls, but I like them, and they are so prominent in this view.  

I also switched from using aureolin to new gamboge to mix with sap green for the trees, which I like better.  The trees have 4 layers of color to give a sense of light--a light wash of new gamboge mixed with sap green, 2 slightly heavier layer of the same colors on the left side of trees adding cobalt the second time, to finally mixing with some ultramarine blue, which I'm starting to use more and more on this trip.

I think I'm going to paint the boat on the left side bright red!

A good memory of a wonderful trip. The painting seems to feel as hot and sunny as it was in Den Haag!  xoxoxo

Den Haag from my aunt and uncle's window. Click on the image to see it larger.

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  1. Wow, Stephanie! What great interplay between the shadows and the very light areas - and all the detail - very nice. This must have taken a chunk of time!!