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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weekend in Holland with family

This past weekend, I went to Holland to visit family where we celebrated my Aunt Ingrid's birthday and also the birthday of my cousin Paula's daughter, who turned 3.  It was so wonderful to see them all!!  Spent a lovely afternoon on the beach at Scheveningen with my cousin Cecilia and her family too.  All in all, much too little time with loved ones.

Below are two sketches I did while in Holland--

this sketch is the view from my aunt and uncle's apartment in central Den Haag.  It's a beautiful view looking north to rooftops, church steeples, and a canal below.  And yes, occasionally cars trying to park along the canal fall in!  

I left this sketch for my aunt and uncle.  It took forever to do, and I think I have to stop using the canson paper, as it is too mushy...can't manipulate the paint as I'd like.

This sketch was done near my cousin Paula's home north of Amsterdam, a beautiful wetland area.  Where I sat to sketch is literally a field of grass and roots floating on water!  It's mushy to walk on, and if you jump up and down, the ground bounces underneath...very strange sensation...

Cecilia and Sjoerd (who is a wonderful professional photographer, by the way),
your sketch comes later!

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