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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hit 97 degrees in Paris Today

...and almost NOTHING is air conditioned.  Not even the Louvre has air conditioning! 

Paris is an oven. 

My apartment at the Cité faces south, with tilt windows that only open about 6 inches, so even with my little fan going full blast, it's really really hot.  I had to escape in the afternoon today and tomorrow too, although I'm not really sure it's any better outside.

Much of Paris is gone in late July and August, but I think all the people that didn't go to the country or the coast were dancing along the Seine last night.  It was really amazing...on the shady side just east of Pont de Sully, tons of people found their favorite music and kicked up their heals in style--Parisian women in their typical tight fitting dresses and heals, and they seem to all be slender too, and the men sort of following along from what I saw.  These folks took their dancing very seriously.

Different spots had different music--I was sketching at the spot for swing music,
but only a few feet away next door were the tango dancers...and Paris Urban Sketchers capturing their every move!  I also heard latin music, and who knows what else.  It really looked like fun, and it is much to hot to be indoors. Tons of people in large and small groups dotted the banks with pretty great looking picnics.

Tomorrow, I'll spend the afternoon sketching at my favorite church, Saint Eustache, where it will hopefully be cool and quiet.

Swing dancing along the Seine, near Pont de Sully and the Ile Saint Louis. July31.
This sketch may be better as two separate halves...hmmm...

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