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Monday, September 9, 2013

Back in Seattle, up and down...

After my wonderful time in Paris (and Italy, Spain, and Holland!), it is taking some time to adjust to life back in Seattle.  So I took about a month off from posting.  Thank goodness, the weather has been unusually warm and sunny--probably the nicest summer on record here.

I continue to enjoy sketching the really wide and tall views--something about the expanse provides a good challenge to my knowledge of perspective, and it also gives a broader sense of the space.  I hope to do more and more of these!

I also am finally scanning many more sketches from Paris, so look for more images from this summer on this blog coming soon!  
I'm also planning my Civita workshop for next July, so if you are interested in participating next summer or information, let me know!

Seattle Waterfront from above the Viaduct...

Seattle Viaduct from below...

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  1. If you plan to come back to Europe next summer squeeeze some days in Barcelona in your planning, there are so many things you missed ... :)