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Sunday, December 1, 2013

...because good sketches start with Good Bones.

Today I'll post info on my Seattle Sketching Workshops called GOOD BONES.  I live and breathe perspective drawing and sketching nearly every day--working as an architectural illustrator for many years, teaching architectural sketching, painting in perspective, and especially during my Gabriel Prize study in Le Nôtre's use of perspective in the design of the Gardens at Vaux le Vicomte and Versailles...whew, I am always looking for points that vanish!!

My approach to teaching sketching is based on how I learned to sketch in architecture school at UT Austin.  I had two great teachers, Luis Diviñó and George Villalva.  Villalva's class was so good, that despite it's 8am start time and his strict teaching style, people would sign up for the class repeatedly, even for no credit.  They produced a generation of architects who can really draw well.

George used slides to teach basic perspective concepts, then transitioned us to sketching outside, constantly reinforcing the need to draw a good skeletal sketch in the first 90 seconds or so...good bones!  I use this method in my own architectural illustration work, in my own sketching, and I use this method to teach my students, at Parsons in New York City for 10 years, and now at Cornish College of the Arts in my Drawing Space field sketching class. It's an approach that really is how I will teach the Good Bones workshop and also my DRAW CIVITA workshop in Italy July 2014 (5 spots are open!)

So if you are wanting to learn more about accurate perspective, or how to start and develop a sketch with good bones, you've come to the right place... thanks so much to Urban Sketchers for this support, especially to Gabi Campanario and Orling Dominguez, both amazing and generous-hearted.

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