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Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to the Piazza Navona right around the solstice

There was heavy rain this afternoon in Civita, so I pulled out my sketchbook and painted this sketch that I had drawn late in the day on my one full day in Rome.  I had been to the Pantheon before (remember the wonky jet lag perspective?), and being a true glutton for punishment, I headed to the Piazza Navona to do one last Rome sketch.  Yes, I was still groggy with jet lag and it was probably 8pm, but I was determined to make the most of my one day in this beautiful city.

Amazing late evening light near the soltice in the Piazza was too late in the day to paint there, so this was
painted today in Civita while I was inside during a rainstorm!


  1. Very interesting posts and I enjoy reading your comments on the process and your mental musings. Your explanation of your process is easy to follow and instructive. I'm glad you're including us in your journey. Best wishes. Frank B

    1. Frank, how very very nice to hear from you so far away!!! And to think it was you who got me doing these workshops! Thanks so much for this message, best wishes to you and I hope you are sketching in beautiful Seattle...

  2. Just amazing, Stephanie! You have captured the evening sunset time, and the GLOW on those buildings is so wonderful! I hope you can continue to post because it's really beneficial to hear about the journey...and to see your process.