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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Civita Institute's Sala Grande

This isn't my usual style of sketching (where is Steven Reddy when you need him?), but it's what came out on the paper this afternoon.  The Sala Grande is a beautiful, tall space that functions as NIAUSI's library and work space.  The focal point of the room (other than the breathtaking views out the windows) is the tall fireplace, faced with the volcanic basaltina stone. 

I first saw this fireplace in a beautiful pencil drawing done by Olson Kundig partner, Alan Maskin, who was a student here as well as a NIAUSI fellowship recipient.  This fireplace is attributed to the famous 16th c. architect Vignola, who worked on the Villa Lante not too far from here.

I love the little window in the back wall of the fireplace, not uncommon in the fireplaces here in Civita.  The little window provided light to work by while one sat near the warmth of the fire in the winter...

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