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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last Weekend in Roma

The internet has been out a lot here in Civita, which has made it impossible to keep up with regular posts!  Maybe it's the heat...
this morning, it's working, so I'm going to quickly post something before it goes out again.  

Last weekend, I got to stay for two nights with the amazing Urban Sketcher and urban gurerrilla style oil painter and now watercolorist, Kelly Medford (thank you Kelly and your three roomates!!!). Kelly does oil painting tours in Rome and elsewhere, I highly recommend them.
We also got to meet up with three other Civita workshop participants to join the Rome Urban Sketchers last Saturday, which was great!!  The Rome sketchers group is really friendly, and it was interesting to see how the Italian group approach is so different from what we do in Seattle.  In Seattle, we meet at 10am, sketch till 12:30, then review all the sketches for about 20 minutes, then everyone is gone...pretty punctual.  In Rome, people wander in all morning, set up in various places and work all day, with a break for lunch.  And I don't think there's a group sharing of images at any point.

It was great to meet Matt Brehm, who has a wonderful book on sketching and teaches the Rome program for the Univeresity of Idaho architecture program--needless to say, his sketches are stunning, and I'll see him in Paraty where he will also be teaching a workshop.

It was also GREAT to see Seattle Good Bones workshop sketchers Ben and Francesca here in Rome, in their element!  Beginning sketchers, they are doing beautifully, and what an inspiring place to be most of the year.  I can only imagine their Rick Steves tours are great too.

Then it was off to the Villa d'Este...all in all, a really wonderful weekend, and it was great to meet so many enthusastic sketchers.

Here are a few of my sketches...

Quick sketch of literally the last 5 mintues of light on the Colosseum...

Overworked sketch of the interior of S.Pietro in Vincoli, St. Peter in Chains, and you can see
the chains encased under the baldachino. I'm having a hard time settling down to sketch!
While waiting for the late train at the station  in Orvieto, Mary and I on
our way to Rome.
Small building atop the Michelangelo's
Campidoglio. Sketching with Kelly Medford
from the Civita workshop.
Done with the Rome Urban Sketchers
at the Villa Sciarra in Trastevere. This is
the caretaker's house. The fountain spouts
drinking (and painting) water.

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  1. How great that you got to meet up with so many Urban Sketchers in Rome! It is funny how each group works differently. I can't imagine sketching all day and not taking the time to share the sketches. We usually share before lunch and then at the end of the day. That way if some people don't stay for the sketching after lunch, they can see some of the work. You did a lot of beautiful sketches of Rome.