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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Watching the world cup final in Tivoli, Italy

Internet has been a problem in Civita, so I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while! 

Since my last post, the Civita workshop concluded (I think they all improved so much, and it was a great group), I spent two nights in Rome hosted by workshop participant and great guerilla painter Kelly Medford, also joined the Rome Urban Sketchers and 4 of the Civita workshop participants to sketch on Saturday.  I was also soooooo happy to see Ben and Francesca who took the Good Bones 2 workshop in Seattle but live in Rome much of the year!!!  

But today, Sunday, I spent all afternoon in an amazing garden at the Villa d'Este...a garden that predates the ones I studied last year in France, so I was very excited to see it and so glad I actually made it here.  It did not disappoint!  Amazing fountains with water dripping, leaping, shooting, sliding everywhere and hints at the perspective that would eventually really take off in Paris.

I stayed in the gardens taking photos and sketching till late, then walked out to find what must be the entire town of Tivoli walking the streets and visiting with each other.  Was great to watch the brides (here and in Rome) striking very Italian, dramatic poses with their shiny suited new husbands while an entourage of cameras followed them around shouting commands.  It's great to watch the little things here...

So, Ok, I will post many more sketches once back in Civita, and my fingers are crossed that the internet will work...Ciao for now!  Score is still 0-0.

Sketch of the organ fountain at the Villa d'Este, Tivoli Italy


  1. Beautiful work! Both yours and the workshop participants. Very enthused by it all - and what a beautiful setting! Will make that a destination this fall with the students in Florence.

    Great to see the connection to the work you did in France - will try to use these things during my fall studio.

    1. HI Bob, so great to hear from you! Yes, your class should come to this villa and also stay overnight in Tivoli if you can so you can see the gardens in late afternoon when the light is so beautiful. I also plan to go to the Villa Lante, which is not too far from Civita. Ciao from Italy~~