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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lots of detail

Today I colored the Chiesa San Donato interior sketch--most before lunch, a bit after lunch. Well, I probably went overboard with the detail, but the original actually looks OK.  I compare it to the one I did last year (on the banner at the top of this page), which in many ways I like better because it's sketchier, but this one will work well for my walking guide project, as it shows more detail. The color is much nicer in the original, softer, this looks a little garish digitally from my camera photo.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a break and heading to Orvieto--I'm hoping they'll let me sketch inside the famous Duomo!

Detailed interior of the Chiesa San Donato in Civita. August 4-5, 2014

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  1. Dear Stephanie,
    Excuse please my bas English !
    I'm glad to see your work in your blog that I visit regularly. When I look at your drawings and watercolors in general I find to learn. I'm so sorry to not have been part of your internship Civita! I love your drawing of the Church in pencil. Unfortunately when we put colors on the original drawing is done away with.
    I like watercolor too. I understand that colors are also used to give the viewer a better sense of the space separating the farthest by cooler blue color planes. Is that correct? I wish you both a good job and happiness,
    Pïerre Brody