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Monday, August 18, 2014

Still Working Inside... because the streets are so crowded!

The streets of Civita have been PACKED with tourists--really, it's like the streets of Manhattan here.  There were a mind-boggling 2800 visitors (not counting kids) last Friday on the holiday for the Ascension of Mary.

And I think people believe they are in Disneyland or a movie set, as they walk through town and into any open door or up any stair, maybe not realizing that people live and work here!  I am really eager to get my walking guide done and available on the internet, as people really have no idea what they are seeing here.

So since it really has been too crowded to draw outside, I've continued to do some work are a few examples.  The work at my desk is really different--much more careful, layered washes, etc.
Also, these are on real Arches watercolor paper, so it is taking the pencil and color very differently from my other sketches on a less expensive paper (I'm finding I like the cheaper paper better!)

The house where Laura's mother grew up, right be the calanchi cliffs!

I leave Civita in only a few days--this is Monday night, and I leave for Rome on Friday...then Sunday, I fly to Brazil.  I'm in many ways sad to leave this place that I've gotten to know so well, but SOOOO excited about Brazil, and of course, I'll be VERY HAPPY to see my family and friends in Seattle.


  1. Beautiful paintings.

    Safe travels on to Rome and then Brazil. You'll see a few others from Seattle there (Tina, Gabi and Frank are all who are going, I think).

    1. Hi Kate,
      thanks so much for your good wishes! I'm sorry you won't be in Brazil, as you always add so much great energy to any sketching endeavor! See you soon in Seattle~~S

  2. Lovely paintings!!! It must be difficult to leave, but at least you are heading to Brazil and a bit of excitement with the Urban Sketchers Symposium. Enjoy it! Ciao!

  3. Hi Joan, thank you for this and your other lovely many ways, it is difficult to leave, but being lured to Brazil is pretty nice too!! And it will be great to get home eventually to my family and friends.
    Grazie mille, Ciao!