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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last Full Day of the 2.5 month Trip

Yesterday was a really wonderful day on the hill of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro. I met Suhita Shirodkar, Lynne Chapman, Beliza Mendes, Marc Taro Holmes and Laurel Holmes, and so many other wonderful sketchers early in the morning, and it was a non-stop sketching marathon all day into the the evening as we listened to Samba music, watching some very serious, lovely samba-dancing couples.

What an utter priveledge to have had these TWO incredible opportunities...I have learned so much. I will do post-trip posts of the trip!

I'll finish my NIAUSI walking guide to Civita once back in Seattle, and the symposium--well, what a whirlwind of meeting people, sketching, workshops!!  It was truly an honor to get to be here as an instructor, truly an honor to get to sketch with and watch some of the most amazing sketchers in the world (who are also very nice people) in action...soooooo great to be part of the USk community.

Back to Seattle tonight, and as great as this has been, I will be so very happy to see my family and friends.  Obrigada...
First 180 Degrees Workshop waiting out the rain...we had to move to 4 different spots as the rain stopped and started,
making things very challenging for all--thanks workshop folks, for your patience and understanding!  Thanks Fred Lecomte
for this great photo.

Tia Boon Sim's selfie--one of many--of our group traveling by van from Sao Paulo to Paraty.  With Tia's Husband, Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, Jason Das, Joni Vallon, Genine Carvalheira-Gehman, Keesung Song, and our happy driver.

Another Tia selfie, this time with also with Richard Almodovar and Gabi Campanario, at the end of the symposium.

Sketching in Rio de Janeiro after the symposium, a group including Suhita, Marc Taro Holmes and his wife Laurel, Lynne Chapman, Beliza Mendes and others...all amazing and wonderful sketchers--

Overcast evening along Copacabana beach, not too far from my hotel.  Roberto Burle Marx designed this boardwalk.

Happy sketchers along the Santa Teresa steps in Rio.

My only view of Sugar Loaf on this trip...

Sketch of the hillside while descending Santa Teresa hill in Rio...dust and wind were blowing hard,
my watercolor palette is literally full of dirt, twigs, flowers, as was my hair...

One really good day of sun, and it was the perfect day, as a group of us went out on a boat around Paraty and had
fish lunch on the beach, toes in the sand.  With a big group (I'm sorry I don't remember all the names!), including Suhita Shirodkar, Jason Das, Geninie, Mona, Jenny, Jessie Chapman, Beliza Mendes...what a great day, ending in a huge wind storm that knocked out power in the entire area for 13 hours the next day...

My donation to the end of symposium auction--thanks to the
person who bought it and made a contribution to Urban Sketchers!
This was at the start of the auction, the price went UP!  :)

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  1. Wonderful photos and sketches. Looks like a wonderful trip to Paraty and Rio.