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Sunday, June 21, 2015

To follow this blog....

...type in your email address where it says "follow by email" on the right side bar.  Google will send you and email to confirm, just click on the link they send... thanks so much!


  1. I am following on your RSS link Stephanie.

  2. Stephanie I feel like a dufus but I have looked up and down the right side bar and I SWEAR I can't find
    "Follow by Email" -- I mean, I'm a puter gal and I simply can't see it in my browser. I am in Firefox on a Mac. Anyone else see the link? I just had my husband look for it in his computer and he can't see it in his or mine . . . Usually I see your new posts through USk.

    Perhaps there is an intrface problem today as it also won't let me fill in the "Comment As"