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Thursday, July 30, 2015

At Angkor Wat Yesterday Afternoon

The heat and humidity and exhaustion from globe trotting finally caught up with me and I had to take it easy a bit, which meant I have missed sketching in the market at Siem Reap. 

But in the afternoon, I joined most of the group to sketch again at Angkor amazing complex of buildings, not unlike Fatehpur Sikri in India..and such a large complex, I feel I barely saw the place.  With limited time, you have to choose to either see things, or sketch's hard to do both, as I learned spending days walking around Versailles.

But here is a photo of the main sketch from today, as well as one from yesterday...

Bangkok next...

Yesterday's view from under a tree at Angkor Wat.
Most of the group arriving to sketch at Angkor Wat--Laurel Holmes, Liz Steel, Marc Taro Holmes, Shawne from NYC, Daniel (look how his hat perfectly aligns with the Angkor Tower :( , Me, Amber, Gail Wong, Joel from Washington DC  (who later had a monkey steel his sketching ink and DRINK IT!), and Suhita Shirodkar.  Missing is Shari Blaukopf and Spiro, and Suta from Tennessee.) Yes, it was very humid, drizzly, and very overcast.

Suhita's photo of Amber and me attracting an interesting crowd.
Courtyard at Angkor Wat.

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