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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Draw Civita 2015

I have been in the amazing Italian Hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio for the past week or so, five days of which has been with a great group here for the sketching workshop, Draw Civita.  They hail from the USA, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and England--a really wonderful collection of accomplished sketchers that have made my job quite easy!

Below are a few photos...we've been drawing in all sorts of places--gardens, 2500 year old caves, narrow stone streets.  I'll post more photos and some of their beautiful sketches soon!

Sketching from the turtle deck at the Civita Institute where we are all staying.

Cave Paintings!
It has also been really wonderful to once again see all the people who made me feel so welcome here when I was here for two months last summer with the NIAUSI Astra Zarina fellowship.
More posts soon~


  1. Absolutely beautiful! If I wasn't already going to Italy in September I would have been there in a heartbeat! Maybe one day

    1. Thanks, Paula...have a great time in Italy, it should be beautiful in September!

  2. I love how each artist's sketch of the caves is a totally different view. Looks like a wonderful place and a great group.

    1. That is indeed so fun to see how everything sees things differently! It is a wonderful, really special place that seems to inspire the workshop groups...12 hour days of sketching! Thanks, for your comment, Joan.