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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More from Italy...

As I attempt to post the summer's sketches in chronological order, it's great to get to relive my travels. Italy already seems so long ago, with the trip to the symposium in Singapore and visits to Cambodia and Thailand replacing those memories at the top of my memory heap.  And as Seattle is already cool and rainy, it's so nice to remember the Italian summer heat~~

Here is another sketch from started to rain cats and dogs, so there was no other option than to duck under these lovely arches near the Rialto bridge.  Marc was off sketching near the Canal, braving the elements better than I.  

And this one was very late in the day, we were dog tired from the heat and walking, and it shows. Sketching near Marc for several days has me trying to paint more and draw less...and I really try to do everything on site in the moment, as for me, the sketches are all about capturing the experience of the all are drawn and painted on site in one sitting!!

Then it was off to Orvieto for one night where Rich and I met with fellow Urban Sketcher, Anne Percival from Manchester, who sketches beautifully!!  It was fun to sketch together in Orvieto before heading to Civita di Bagnoregio for the annual DRAW CIVITA workshop...

And finally, one of my favorite sketches of the summer, the interior of the Orvieto's Duomo...all the stripes really challenged my perspective sketching abilities!  The super nice ticket sales guy even let me pull over a chair and finish up with a quick layer of paint while inside the cathedral. It's a large sketch, nearly 16" tall...

Next stop, the workshop in the amazing picturesque hill town of Civita di Bagnoregio.


  1. Amazing sketches.

  2. Great sketches from your stops in Italy!

  3. OH My favorite too! Although it's difficult to choose...

  4. Thank you for sharing those lovely sketchers