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Thursday, February 11, 2016


I just got back from a trip to Texas, and the day before leaving, I stopped by the University of Washington book store.  My mission: to do something about the Lamy pen that I never use.

That pen just doesn't flow well on my paper, and I find it so frustrating, I never use it even though I carry it with me on all my travels.  What to do?  Turns out it is really easy to change the nib on these pens--the old one simply slips off and you slide a new one on.  So for a whopping $13 investment, I changed my "fine" nib for a "broad" nib, and was eager to see if it worked better.

I had a bit of a layover in Dallas, so after scarfing down my BBQ lunch (for a Texan returning home, it's either BBQ or Tex-Mex...nothing else will do), I walked until I found a view out the window that I liked.  Sat down and lightly blocked out a few things in pencil, then pulled out that pen to see what it would do...and I like it!!  The broad nib with my Carbon Platinum permanent ink flowed much better, and I liked this line weight.  Hooray...

So maybe I'll switch from pencil to pen?  Nope, probably not, but it is really great to have a new tool to try and have fun with...

AND, I almost missed my flight!!  Ouch, have to watch the clock a little better next time!


  1. Glad you figured out a way to like the pen. I learned the nib switch trick from Goulet. It's an old one... Brian looks different.

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    It looks so complex and yet you did a lovely job.
    I love the blues.
    Which nib are you using? The 1.1 or 1.5. I am just learning to use fountain pens and I have two lamys with extra fine nibs. I was thinking to try a broad nib. I love to use dip pens, so learning to use the fountain pens for urban sketching is a new challenge.
    Still I mostly like to use pencil with watercolor like you!!!
    Thank you for sharing your latest adventure in art!!