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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Workshop March 4-5-6, a few spots still open!

I do love teaching sketching and feel I'm on something of a mission to teach so many people are afraid of it, but really it is SO EASY when you know what to look for!

To that end, I am teaching two workshops here in Seattle. The May workshop promoted through Urban Sketchers is full with a short waiting list, but virtually the same workshop March 4-5-6 is wide open!  So if you are interested, please let me know ASAP! A percentage of your tuition for both workshops will go to

The Good Bones workshop teaches one day of perspective basics (you'll learn how to start a sketch, the first lines to put on your paper in three simple steps) and a second day of watercolor basics.  

In the morning, we meet in a classroom at the famous Pike Place Market, and in the afternoon, we apply what we learned by sketching out in the Market!  It seems to work really well.
The third day is technically optional, but it's a great thing to do as it's the day where the perspective linework and the watercolor come together when we sketch at the lovely King Street train station in the International District here in Seattle. Then, we can go for lunch at Uwajimaya!

Cost of the workshop is $200--and it looks like I'm buying everyone my favorite sketchbook, the Pentalic Aqua Journal...a party favor!

If you are interested in joining the workshop, please contact me asap at

And I will be teaching in Italy this summer (that workshop is full) and in Manchester at the USk symposium, a workshop called "Soaring Spaces" that encourages you to Look Up!! Symposium workshops should be posted very soon...



  1. Do you anticipate holding a workshop in the fall? I'm immersed in your Craftsy class right now and not sure I can manage the March class but would love to take one.

    1. HI Terrie, I hope to do another workshop in the fall, but nothing is scheduled yet...if you can do one now, this a great time before the summer (assuming you are in the neighborhood!) I hope the Craftsy class is helpful--there is some overlap in the workshop, but they actually compliment each other really well...
      Thanks for writing!

  2. I'm reconsidering taking the one in March. But here's the deal. I'm an interior designer & took perspective drawing years ago and didn't ever really understand it - I've read books and tried for years to "get" it, with little success. If I spend $200 do you feel like I'll really come away from your class understanding how to make those funny little angle lines? I guess I don't really expect a guarantee, but maybe an assurance. Is there some one-on-one time if I'm struggling with a concept? I apparently have some sort of learning block with this particular concept and I'm tired of not "getting it". Do you generally have mostly beginners who need some hand holding through the explanations? I guess I'm trying to be reassured that I'll come away understanding more completely how perspective works before plunking down my $$$.........

    1. if you'd rather contact me personally,

    2. Hi Terrie,
      Well I can't guarantee that it will be worth the expense to do the workshop--that in part depends on you and what you want/ need to learn and what your expectations are.
      I can tell you that in addition to becoming a licensed architect, I also have a Master's degree from Pratt in Interior Design and have taught aspiring architects AND interior designers the how-to's of perspective sketching and rendering for 20+ years (10 years at Parsons in NYC and also here at UW and Cornish College of the Arts) I do have a lot of experience that informs how I teach these workshops. I teach perspective in a way that seems to work in terms of people understanding it-- it's not hard once you know what to look for! I don't think I'd be able to learn it from most books either (other than my book coming out in July!!!)
      And of course, there is nothing like a hand's on experience and watching someone draw and paint in person. Yes, there are beginners, and I do go around and help each person individually--that is the hallmark of a good teacher...
      but ultimately, the decision is up to you :)

    3. Stephanie, I learned so much in your online Perspective for Sketchers class. Thank you so much.
      As you know I am unable to make it up to Seattle for your workshops. Ugh!! But if I gained so much in the online time with you, I can just imagine your workshops to be helpful, amazing and fun!
      I hope to be with you in a workshop sometime. Meanwhile, I love your site here and I look forward to your book in July!

    4. Hi Shirley, Thank you so much for the very kind comments! I hope one day you'll be able to do a workshop in person too, but until then, I'm so glad you are enjoying the Craftsy class!

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