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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Travels Begin...

We are now back in mid-June, I am just back from Texas (wonderful to meet and sketch with the Texas Urban Sketchers in Fort Worth), my older son has just graduated from the University of Washington (yay!), my Urban Sketching Handbook: Understanding Perspective has just come out...and my carry-on suitcase, backpack and I are stuck in the Chicago airport.

For the third year in a row, the flight that takes me to the symposium has been cancelled by American Airlines (yes, it happened on the way to Paraty, Brazil, and also last year to Singapore). I'm indeed starting to get a complex due to this hat trick, starting to think I need to travel to the symposium maybe two months in advance! Luckily, I had upgraded to business class and was able to wait comfortably in the Admiral's Lounge for about 6 hours until they found another plane. Better safe than sorry, to be sure.

So what does any respectable Urban Sketcher do to pass the time at an airport...well, of course, and here it is...

Warm colors inside, and cool colors outside as night was falling at Chicago O'Hare airport.


  1. Your distinctive style shines through - someday I may attempt something so grand but in the meantime, I'll enjoy yours! :) Looking forward to more of your adventures.

    1. HI Terrie, that is funny, as I don't think I see my own style!! Although I do recognize the lines I make in a drawing. Weird eh?

      Thanks for your comment, and have you seen that your review on Amazon is the top rated review for my book? Thank you so much for writing that, it is SO MUCH APPRECIATED!!

  2. Stephanie, you made the best of the situation. Great airport pages!