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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Scenes from DRAW CIVITA 2016

Yep, while I wait for Craftsy to fix all the bugs in their new website, and my new class, I'm going back to the summer to continue posting my 6 weeks of sketches in Italy, Spain, Holland, and England...starting with the workshop in Civita!!

For four years now, I've had the great good fortune to offer a 6-day perspective and watercolor workshop in the amazing, pre-Etruscan speck of a town, Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.  This year, we had a group of nine -- a great, hard-working group of sketchers from the US (Seattle, California, Texas, Virginia, Kentucky), Norway, and the UK.

The first morning, we walked across the steep pedestrian bridge into Bagnoregio to buy groceries (Civita is so small, there is no grocery store!) We stopped for caffe lattes at Massimo's bar, but we found him behind the bar gardening in his family's amazing orto.  He kindly sent us home with bags of delicious plums from his trees!

In the afternoon, we jumped into perspective basics, and the next day, we jumped right into watercolor. Here are some of their great sketches! 

(Thanks, Patty Leighton, for some of these photos!) Thanks so much to the Civita Institute/NIAUSI, for the support and opportunity to teach in this incredible, unique place!!

So much of the fun of this workshop is the FOOD! Here we are in the shade across from Massimo's Bar enjoying
caffe lattes and cornetti con panna (Italian croissants with fresh cream...mmmmm)

We see you hiding, Paul!! That is Massimo in the white t-shirt and hat,
he makes the tastiest latte in Italy.
Demo in the tiny main street of Civita, working a watercolor sketch in stages.
Some of the sketches of the Civita main street, the first attempts at watercolor look great!

Arches can be tricky to draw, as they are not shaped like horseshoes! Here are some of the sketches
from sitting in Tony's garden and painting the arches in perspective.

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