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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Back to Travel...Rome!

It's gray and rainy in Seattle, so, it's back to summer sketches! 
After leaving Civita, I headed to Rome for a day to see my dear friend, Francesca Caruso. Francesca LOVES her city...Rome...and leads tours for groups like National Geographic, Rick Steves (she is on his Rome show), and many others.  I was so happy to see her even briefly, and also to happily run into her again in the Roman Forum the next day. I am so inspired by her, as her goal is to present information that really change the way visitors see Rome, history, and how they see the world--much like what I believe sketching does too.

I also got to see my friend and fellow Urban Sketcher, Kelly Medford. Kelly is an American who lives in Rome and does amazing, on location oil paintings and in the past few years, watercolors too. I met her at the Barcelona Symposium, and the following year, she took my workshop in Civita, which jumpstarted her use of watercolors.  She also leads sketch tours in Rome that looks wonderful!

Here are a few images and sketches! 
It was noon, SO HOT, in the middle of the forum surrounded by tourists. This is a very quick wide angle view from the center of the Roman Forum.

This was in a cafe where I was to get the key for my B& I  collapsed into a comfy sofa, drank tons of water, and sketched while I waited.

This Sketch below
was done during breakfast one morning at the same cafe.

I use this sketch in my recent CRAFTSY class to show how the guide lines for drawing windows will hit a corner and turn in perspective...these are guidelines that make drawing rows of windows on buildings so much easier.

Next, Barcelona!!!


  1. Oh Rome...wasn't I just checking flight prices this morning!! Beautiful sketches...!

    1. Me too...when it gets dark and rainy at home, I start checking the internet for travel to Italy!!! Thanks for your comment, Sheryl...