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Thursday, February 9, 2017


My cousin is one of the most talented drawers I have ever seen. Born in Chile, she grew up in Curaçao and at the age of five could draw amazing running horses, tropical plants and houses in incredible detail. Today she is an award-winning designer for Philips in Amsterdam--we are all so proud of her.

Last summer we walked one day around Amsterdam, stopping at this cafe for something to drink along the canal. I sketched the building, looking up, as we were sitting quite close.

Afterwards, it was quite cold and dark already, I headed over to the department store, the Bijenkorf, that has a great cafe and terrace on the top floor. I sat outside with a wonderful piece of cake and did this sketch on the opposite page in my sketchbook of the nearby roofs and views beyond, before it started to rain.

Both, sketched and painted on location in my 5" x 7" Pentalic Aqua Journal. Then it was home to Den Haag and my aunt and uncle.

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  1. Fantastic perspective, of course, but what delighted me the most is how you used ultramarine on these ones. That touch on the roof made me swoon.