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Friday, March 10, 2017

Craftsy Classes, New Discount Links!!

Craftsy has issued NEW 50% discount links, and I'd like to share these with my fellow sketchers and those who follow this blog as a way to say THANK YOU! 

There are between 7,000-8,000 participants world-wide in these classes, both have 5 star***** reviews...thank you for that too!

Using these codes to sign up for these classes REALLY benefits the instructors (like me ;) so thank you again! If you want to take a class from one of the other instructors, send them an email and ask them for their code--I'm sure they'd be happy to share it with you!

This class covers one and two point perspective, sloped roofs, how to draw building materials like stone and brick, arches/columns and much more!
NEW 50% Discount Link for "The Essentials of Sketching Architecture" is here.

This class introduces you to easy perspective basics--it bridges the gap between conceptual perspective theory (think boxes on a table--so boring!) with what the heck do you do when you want to start a sketch of a real space!
NEW 50% Discount Link for "Perspective for Sketchers" is here.

Some have asked which they should do first...I recommend the first class, "Perspective for Sketchers" first, followed by "The Essentials of Sketching Architecture".

You can view these classes whenever you want, as many times as you want, stop and start and repeat, and the cost is only about $20 per class with the discount!

Thanks so much, all!

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