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Monday, February 19, 2018

What I Learned about Sketching on a Trip to India, #4 & #5

And here are tips #4 and #5...

4. It takes me at least a week to warm up. 
I had to push through the first few weeks of making sketches I didn't like in order to figure out how to draw and paint in India. Every place is different--different humidity (affects watercolor drying time), different colors (in Seattle, everything is gray, so the colors of India were definitely challenging), different building building and plants that I have to figure out how to represent. 

This is why instructors show up early at the symposiums...we might sketch all the time, but being in a new place requires a bit of reinvention and figuring out how to work in a new place with different variables.

Queen's Bath at Hampi--it's worth a trip to India to see this place.
This was one of the first sketches that I part because I found a spot where I could sketch without many interruptions. Plus, this amazing architecture was so inspiring!

5. Post your sketches as you go, if you can. 

I found that Facebook was slow to come up on my phone, but Instagram was very fast and worked better on the road. That is why I finally started posting to Instagram! It was fun to watch the numbers grow and also respond to comments along the way.

It's much harder to post when I'm back home and the realities of work and home, plus, it's exciting to share where you are WHEN you are there! I posted a lot compared to other trips I've taken, thanks primarily to the ease of Instagram and paying extra for higher speed data on my phone.


  1. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences - I've enjoyed all of your sketches but this one of the Queen's bath is especially beautiful! I follow you on Instagram too but I keep forgetting to check it (notifications all turned off!). Thanks again for your time.

  2. I love how you have broken up all the learning from your trip into different parts. And I am enjoying seeing all the sketches again even though I followed along on Instagram. You have made me want to go to India even more.

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