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Monday, February 12, 2018

What I Learned about Sketching on a trip to India...#2

Another thing that really hit home on my trip to India...

2.  Draw what interests you, no matter what it is. 
It could be a huge famous building or a simple flower or your fruit at breakfast. You are drawing YOUR experiences, so there is no right or wrong. I wish I had captured more of these scenes, as they really convey the flavor of a place.

Breakfast in Aurangabad. It was hard not to EAT that fruit instead of sketching it!

I really learned this lesson when I went to India in 2011 and ran into a woman from California who carried a small sketchbook. I had my very serious, very architectural big sketches, and she pulled out this tiny sketchbook with drawings like the head of camel or the top of a palm tree. 

Super simple,
but I realized that she was as passionate about her sketches as I was about mine. It became very clear in that moment that sketching is all about capturing your experience!!! 
It was a great lesson, something that I've talked about when teaching workshops ever since.

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