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Friday, April 13, 2018

Asia-Link Sketchwalk Taichung 2018 in Taiwan

This will be such an amazing adventure! I am so grateful to the my friend KK and the organizers, as I'm honored and thrilled to be teaching a workshop in Taichung, Taiwan at this year's... 

Asia-Link Sketchwalk: Taichung 2018
October 4-7
Taichung, Taiwan

Registration opens April 15.

Asia-Link is like a mini-USk symposium that rotates locations around Asia each year (last year, Kuching, and the year before in Bangkok). I'm so thrilled to meet the other sketchers, as the line up of instructors and presenters looks amazing!

I'll fly into Hong Kong (it will be so great to meet the USk HK sketchers!), and on the way home, I'll stop in Japan. Someone needs to give me a good, hard pinch so I wake up from this dream!

Below are some sketches from Asia done in happy to be going back to this part of the world!

Bussorah Street in Singapore.

Temple in Wat Arun complex, Bangkok.

Temple in the Angkor Wat complex, Cambodia.
Buddhist temple, Bangkok.

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