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Monday, October 12, 2015

"Perspective for Sketchers", with a registration discount!

Hooray, we're live!!!

Today, I'm so happy to join the ranks of other Urban Sketchers instructors like Marc Taro Holmes, Shari Blaukopf, Paul Heaston and soon Lynne Chapman and Jim Richards...
we are all offering sketching courses online together with!

To say THANKS for your interest, I'd like to extend a course discount to fellow sketchers...

PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO REGISTER FOR THE CLASS, and you'll receive 25% off the normal Craftsy price:
Discount "Perspective for Sketchers"

To see a quick preview of the class, click on this link:
Preview "Perspective for Sketchers"

Again, you can view these classes any time you want, from your computer-tablet-or phone, as many times as you want...forever!

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the class...and soon, more sketch postings from Asia!


  1. Stephanieeeeee.... signed up and guess what, i sneaked in 20 mins at work to watch your class... so excited and happy for you my friend.. Rooi

    1. You are so funny, Rooi! And thank you! Please let me know what you think, what is most helpful, etc. I'd sure appreciate it! And have fun too~~

  2. Rooi, you beat me! Ive been watching and waiting! Love your sketches stephanie and the girls who met you really enjoyed your workshop.. Thanks for the discount ..

  3. Signed up as well! Can't wait to see you again on video :)

  4. Stephanie, I am here after watching your Craftsy class. I wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    You have inspired me to actually go outside and sketch some architecture. You explained everything so clearly, you made sense of things I've been struggling with (like the pencil for measuring - the light bulb went on thanks to your demonstration). You are a great instructor, so much information! Thank-you.

    1. Hi Unknown, Oh I am so absolutely thrilled to read your comment! We film the class (and the concepts can get a little complex), put it out there to the world and just hope it makes sense and helps someone understand things better. I am so so so glad you enjoyed the class and had things click. Thanks so much for writing!!

  5. I'm taking your Craftsy class right now & I absolutely love it! I've wanted to get into urban sketching for a while, but it always seemed too hard. Thanks for the pencil/ratio trick!

  6. I, too, just recently signed up and so pleased to find such a class. Thank you! On our way south for the winter, I watched each class and will soon start over doing the " homework."

  7. How do I send a picture of my door sketch to you ? This is a first for me. Thx.