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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And I thought I'd seen it all at Versailles...

I have been holed up inside my studio for several days now, working on my final Gabriel Prize paintings.  So, no new sketches to post, instead I'm cheating and posting photos today.

Having spent so many days now at Versailles, I actually thought I'd seen it all.  But when my new South African friends at the Cité asked me to go with them on Saturday night to see the fireworks at Versailles, I'm glad I said yes.  At 23 euros (over $30) a pop, it should be good. 
There must have been 10's of thousands of people there that night...literally. It was one of the few really beautiful evenings of my trip with perfect temperatures and clear skies.

The event was more than a little over the top, but it was actually rather amazing.  The fountains were not only running--which makes all the difference in the world in terms of experiencing the gardens--they were in constant motion, lit with wild changing colors, some smoked with fog from dry ice, lasers created erie effects, gas powered flames shot into the sky so hot that you could roast

The garden facade faces west, which literally glows in the late afternoon light...
appropriate for Louis XIV who was the Sun King.

from 20 feet away...all the while period music played. It was wild.  And masses upon masses of people running to get to see as many as possible in the 1hr 45 minutes they are spouting, only to be rewarded at the end with impressive fireworks starting at 11pm.  

Taking the train then the Metro back late, we didn't get back home till after 1am.  But it was well worth it...I even saw some fountains running that I had never seen before...quite the spectacle!


  1. Stephanie: What an amazing trip! I just want to wish you well in your last week; I know you'll be working hard to finish up. Can't wait for the photo and picture show when you return. Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so so much for your good wishes! I'm feeling very sad to leave, that my time on this adventure is almost done...I hope that 6 months from now, I'll look back and feel I've learned and accomplished a lot...