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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paint Out

This week, I'm up on beautiful Samish Island for the Northwest Watercolor Society's painting retreat called PAINT OUT.  It's a great event, about 50 watercolorists all together in one large room painting up a storm.  We're fed great food, stay in rustic cabins, and enjoy the inspiration, the amazing setting, and camaraderie.

Also this week I became an official signature member of the NWWS!!!! It's a wonderful honor.

My time here is usually spent painting landscapes, but my goal for these precious days is to finish up and add final touches to my final Gabriel Prize paintings.

See the location and the progress painting below...

4 of the 5 sequence paintings of the gardens at Vaux le Vicomte, in progress...more to do!
A beautiful day, the view out the window toward the bay and Mt. Baker
Such a beautiful landscape here, this will likely become a future painting.  This was taken out the window on
the passenger side while the car was moving!

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