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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A little slice of heaven...

My beautiful apartment here in Civita happens to be directly over a wonderful restaurant, Alma Civita, and under that, are Etruscan caves.  I wish I could eat there every day, but on Sunday, I heard about an amazing dessert, so the next day, I went downstairs, sat at a table, and had nothing but dessert and caffe latte.  Pure heaven, I was literally in a trance as I savored every morsel.

The next day, as I called down from my window to say hello, Maria the amazing chef of this family business (they must be the hardest working people in Italy) who works wonders in a tiny kitchen with a real, wood burning fireplace stove, offered me another piece, saying it had been made fresh that day.  Made with fresh eggs from their farm, etc.  She disappeared, then a few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door, and her lovely smiling face held out a plate with yet another slice of heaven.  I had to document it for posterity, and here it is in my window, the one I leaned out to say buon giurno...

~~Alma Civita's Orange and Rosemary Tiramisu...dessert of the gods.

Caffe Latte with Maria's heavenly
orange and rosemary Tiramisu.

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