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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yikes, with the internet down a lot, I seem to have gotten out of the habit of posting to this blog!  For it is working, so I'll start up again.

The weather has gone from very hot to very unusually wet and COLD--as I put on my fleece jacket for the first time today, it felt more like early October instead of the end of July, and the valleys surrounding Civita are lush and green...very strange, especially since it's nearing 90 degrees in Seattle!?!

But at least the weather has been conducive to working indoors and spending a lot of time researching my project: to create an illustrated walking guide to the town.  I am learning A LOT about the history of this place, I'm pretty much ready to start conducting guided tours :)
I also seem to have gone into quite a few of the Etruscan caves of late, and I'm thinking more and more that many or most of them were actually tombs, as creepy as that feels at times since they run 2 and 3 levels below many of the houses here.  The temperature drops as you go further down, with the bottom-most caves staying a consistent 17degreesC, at least I think that's what I heard...basically, perfect for storing wine.

Here also is a shot of the map I'm using for notes for the project, and I also have many pages of notes on my computer, and soon, I'll need to put them all together.

I've also completed wide angle drawings of the piazza, looking in all four directions, which I'll post soon as well! I promise to catch up!

Part of my fellowship study, I want to create a section drawing
that explains elements of a typical house, something most visitors
only see from the outside....
Writing lots of notes on this map of town, and even more on my computer...I'll need
an editor  (I'm actually understanding the Italian in the books I'm reading pretty well...) 
This ~3000 year old Etruscan cave opens out to the cliffs,
common for tombs. Sandro is there for scale,
and he is showing me the cave! He is an original Civitonico.
The cave is right under a house down the street...
And here is the cave, a sarcophagus would lie on the left, and someone later
added an oven on the right...sure, baking in a cave tomb, why not?


  1. It isn't until now that your typical house section drawing solves my question of why local residents enter the house climbing up a few stairs and also what's inside the ground floor. Thanks so much!

    1. A little late, but thanks, Victor--I need to improve this sketch for the walking guide to Civita, but I'm so glad to learn from you that this sketch helps your understanding of the town! Thank you~~