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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Being filmed in Civita this Morning

This morning, Giovanni, Urban Planning professor in Rome and Civita home owner, made a film of me while sketching!  I felt like a rock star, as when people saw him filming me with a large camera and tripod, then THEY started taking photos as funny. I tried not to think about the fact I was being filmed.

As always, the light changes in these narrow streets so quickly, and by the time I finished the sketch, the light was different for painting...and it was so HOT, the paint dried immediately, making it difficult to work the large wall in shade.  Ah, complain, complain.  People often ask (and so many people stop and take a look, ask questions, nice ones say "brava" or "complimenti", etc.), "is it difficult to do this?" at which point I respond with an emphatic "YES"--it's really hard!  So now I'm wondering, does it LOOK easy???

Thank you to Giovanni for filming, in fact, he collects a lot of information on the history of Civita, also interviews with people here...including me in about 10 days. where I will get to talk aobut my project.

Next sketch, I think I'll beat the heat by going back to sketch in Felice's Etruscan caves...

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  1. Your colors on the buildings are so great!!! You are making me excited about getting back to Italy again. The caves should be much cooler. Ciao!