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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Etruscan Caves of Antica Civitas

(Using my ipad mini for photos), here is the sketch done yesterday while sitting on the dusty floor of Felice and Maragarita's Antica Civitas, a small museum they created in the Etruscan caves below their house in Civita.  These caves were carved by the Etruscans around 3000 years ago, and the Romans added or converted a cave here to a water collecting cistern.

It's full of interesting things--the bed of an ancient olive oil mill, two niches with olive oil presses (where the paste goes after the olives are ground on the stone mill by a small donkey that walks around the circle--see on the right of the sketch), along with lots of other pots, jars, and remnants of so many things. 

On the left, the caves open up to the side of the cliff, from where you get a great view of the valley to the South of Civita and of the dramatic Calanchi spikes...

Well worth the admission price of one euro, and Felice and Margarita are so very nice too.

Inside the Etruscan cave of Antica Civitas.