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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

R.I.P. My Canon G11

{Cue the violins...}  I'm still in shock...a few days ago, an object that sometimes never left my right hand (like when I was in India, or Civita for that matter), simply stopped working.  My trusty Canon G11 camera lens is extended and won't retract, camera doesn't work.  This is quite the dilemma...not only am I sad to lose this trusted friend that's accompanied me faithfully to many continents, but I REALLY need a camera here for posting and in Brazil. 

SO, I'm not sure what I'm going to do, especially since my iphone also is dead and stopped working (both stopped working while I was taking pictures from the bus going from Orvieto to Civita--is there a message here?)  Nearest Apple store is in Rome, and really hard to get to in a suburban shopping mall accessed by car.

Condolences, please.

Here is the last photo my dear camera took, taken as I was leaving Orvieto...


  1. Condolences. I had a similar experience that might be helpful. A few years ago a Pocket Camera that I use for work developed similar symptoms. The lens wouldn't retract no matter what I tried. Understanding that it's a delicate mechanism I couldn't force it. But then I realized the camera was destined for the garbage if the lens wouldn't retract -... so, I forced it. I pushed the lens in with two hands It moved, the motor engaged, and it was working again. Brute force. It's worked fine ever since This might be terrible advice, so use with caution. Good luck.

  2. Sorry about your camera, Stephanie. Mine did a similar thing and I replaced the battery and it worked fine again. Mark's suggestion may be good too. Maybe there is just something stuck in once section of the lens. Nothing like being far from where you have access to new products.

  3. Oh, no! Condolences on your total loss of photography equipment. My G-12 (similar to the G-11) had the same problem. I think I dropped it too many times. Since the new versions of that camera do not have the articulated view-screen, I elected to get it fixed rather than buy a new one. This won't help you while on your travels, but I sent it back to Canon and they fixed it for about $200. It was worth it to keep that functionality!

    If you really love the G-11, I'd suggest sending it for repair once you return home. S, if you can't also get your iPhone fixed, I'd recommend buying the cheapest camera that will do what you want for the rest of your trip.

    I've been meaning to comment. I'm enjoying your reports on your trip and continuing to admire your AMAZING paintings!!