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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last Day in Italy, Tomorrow to Brazil!!

Yesterday I made the trek from Civita to Orvieto to Rome, sad to leave but eager to go to the Urban Sketcher's Symposium in Brazil, and then eager to get home to Seattle!  Last night, Ben and Francesca, who work for Rick Steves, were kind enough to take me to dinner... and Ben hand delivered from Seattle my new camera!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU, Ben!

Today I mostly spent a lot of time sitting around the Pantheon, which was packed with tourists. Eventually, I got to this sketch--my last of this two months in Italy.  I also got to see Kelly Medford here, who since the workshop in Civita, has been turning out beautiful watercolors!!!  It was great to get to see her.  So I started this trip with a sketch of the Pantheon, and end this trip with an image of the Pantheon...

After this post, it's packing the suitcases for Brazil, as I head to the airport tomorrow morning~~

Thanks so much to all who have been following these posts during my two month NIAUSI fellowship here.  I have many sketches I have not yet posted, so I'll keep them coming for while...and from BRAZIL too!!
Ciao tutti...


  1. Lovely sketch!!! Travel safely and enjoy Brazil. My friend, Mark Lebowitz said he's looking forward to seeing you there. I sketched with him today. I have enjoyed your stay there through your sketches. I'll be waiting to see the rest of your posts from Civita and the new ones from Brazil.

  2. Stephanie, I came across your blog (images on Pinterest!) and have happily followed it for over a month now - so fun, and your sketches are beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do in Brazil... :)