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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last Evening in Civita

Today, I spent a lot of the day cleaning, packing, and going around saying good bye to people and delivering a few sketches as gifts.

Tonight, Tony Costa Heywood (without Tony and his wife Astra, NIAUSI would not exist and I wouldn't be here), I enjoyed an amazing dinner at the wonderful restaurant under my Civita house, Alma Civita...
Maurizio cooked tonight, he learned from his mother Maria who also cooks here, in a tiny kitchen with a real wood fireplace where many of their dishes are prepared.
Pasta was spaghetti with figs, pancetta, and course was fire grilled fresh tomatoes (which were out of this world) and this beautiful dessert was a pear cake...all super fresh, seasonal, local (a lot of it from Maurizio's family farm) ingredients.

This afternoon, I gave Maurizio and his girlfriend Roberta a sketch I had done of their new house here in Civita, and he promised to do his artistry at dinner...little did I know, he was literally meant ARTistry!!
What a wonderful send off...


  1. Much enjoyed sharing your time there in Civita.

  2. It must be hard leaving all the new friends you made in Civita. I enjoyed seeing the town through your eyes. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Hi Joan, yes, it's sad to leave that magical place, but heading off to Brazil isn't so bad :)
    Thank you very much for following my posts and sketches, I really appreciate it.