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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's HOT and HUMID Here!!!

Hooray, finally I'm in Singapore!  I arrived after midnight Saturday night (after my flight from LA to Tokyo was cancelled), and have been traipsing around parts of this city with various groups of sketchers.  Lots of people are here now, on Tuesday, and pretty much everywhere you go in the center of the city and elsewhere, you run into other sketchers.

It's unbearably hot and humid we all are out the door by 7am to sketch in the slightly cooler mornings, and we try to take a break midday to avoid the heat.  Like a sauna, sweating buckets. It's also funny how it takes a few days of sketching to get the feel for the much paint to use, how fast things do or don't dry, how to capture the architecture in a way that's representative of the style here, etc.

I've wandered around this sauna with various groups of sketchers, all really wonderful. Yesterday was a 12 hour day out, picking up various people along the way.  So cool how this works as you wander and run into other sketchers. 

Early yesterday morning sketching at Marina by the Bay with
Liz Steel and Marc Holmes.

Trees at Marina by the Bay, Singapore. Beyond is the Garden domes, heavily air conditioned to the point of being cold!
Last night's laser light show at the trees, with
the Aussies, Joel from Washington DC,
and Gail Wong and her husband John.

Here is a typical day.  

Today, I left at 7:30am with the Australian group, really lovely folks and really really good sketchers.
Thank you, Angela, for help with the photos I need for my lecture! 

We had a northern Indian muslim breakfast on the street across from a mosque, ate paratha with eggs and cheese and drank 2 Koppi ice (iced coffees...sadly, this is not Italy, but they were good anyway.) 

We sketched there, but I lagged behind and then ran into Matt Brehm passing by, then off to sketch again with Marc Holmes and Liz Steel, only to be joined by Suhita Shirodkar and others...met Don Low, who kindly sat with me while I sketched and he fended off the onlookers.  Thanks, Don!  Ended up again with Marc and his wife Laurel, Suhita, and Liz (a good chunk of the group going to Cambodia after the symposium.)
My drinks for dinner time at Satay by the Bay,
an outdoor food stall area that was GREAT.
Coconut milk and a dragonfruit and something else
exotic smoothy, to wash down the chicken satay.

Here are a few photos of the morning.  These folks are such amazing talented artists, it's really an privilege to get to sketch along side them!  Now I'm inside posting and working on my lecture for Thursday and Friday~~

This morning's paratha breakfast with the Aussies and Joel, all sketching
the mosque across the street. And Julia from Costa Rica who joined us
after she walked by.
One of the sketches from this morning, this is of the other side of the Sultan mosque on a small street of
colorful Singapore shophouses.

We were melting by now, 12 noon, sketching with Suhita, Marc, and Liz again,
and Laurel Holmes herding us cats and snapping this and other photos.


  1. Really appreciate your posts Stephanie! I wish I could be there with all of you...!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jill--there is always next year!!

  2. It looks like so much fun again! I so wish I was there with you guys...

    1. Too hot! But yes, very good company...but I'll see you in Manchester next year, Beliza!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. The photographs are simply beautiful and great to be had out in nature and also with made up architecture. It takes great skill to work in a place so hot and humid. The interesting part is in the pictures you are literally not able to tell. People look cool and collected. Great work!

    Ronni Casillas @ JNH Life Styles

    1. HI Ronni, I think I was on the verge of passing out much of the time, it was SOOO hot and humid...but you are right, it doesn't show in the photos at all! It did make it challenging to sketch, though...and I'd go back and do it again in a heartbeat!
      Thanks for your message...