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Monday, September 26, 2016

"The Essentials of Sketching Architecture" is LIVE!

Quick late-night post to get this link out, but it's here!  Clear explanations for basic perspective, columns, arches (yes!), sloped surfaces like roofs and stairs, and MUCH MORE! 

Please use this instructor's 50% discount link:
(Using this link instead of the Craftsy website really helps my numbers, so thank you, all!!)


  1. Just bought your new course! Thanks for the discount link.. Have a good day!

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  3. Yay - just bought mine.....can't wait to see what gems of wisdom you have to share this time around. I want my work day to be done so I can go home and be inspired to try the next level of complexity in perspective drawing (though I occasionally still struggle with those pesky roof lines - maybe that'll be solved in this video!)

  4. For some reason it isn't showing it as half off when I click the link. If I go to the craftsy app to buy it it says coming soon.

  5. HI Melinda, Yes, I am so sorry about this...Craftsy has just launched a completely new redesign of their entire website, and my new class is caught with unlucky timing. The link that I sent everyone for a 50% discount, that I was told would work, is apparently NOT WORKING!!!!

    I hope you will hold tight for a few more days, I promise to send out the discount link the minute I get the new one from Craftsy...

    Thank you so much for your interest in the class, and I also really thank you for your patience with this!!!!!