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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019 in Amsterdam!!!

Happy New Year!!!

And what a great year it will be! 

Just announced, this year will be the 10th Annual global Urban Sketchers Symposium. It's an amazing event to attend, as there is sketching going on 24/7, talented people from around the world to meet and sketch with, and of course the opportunity to sketch in beautiful Amsterdam.

I am truly honored and so thrilled to be teaching at this year's event, a workshop called "Towers are like Wedding Cakes and other "ah-ha" moments"! I'll be sharing some of my favorite sketching tips... 

"did you know that towers are like wedding cakes, stairs are like wedges of cheese, and arches are definitely not horseshoes? Some of my favorite and fun sketching “ah-ha” moments have to do with relating architecture in perspective to other things we see and experience every day. I often use these concepts when teaching, as these metaphors can help us to demystify some of the complex forms we see in order to understand and draw them better...and it will be easier and more fun!"

To review info about the symposium and the line up of workshop, go to: 
Symposium Info Here

Registration for the symposium opens up February 2. Set up your account at Eventbrite now, then be ready. Set your alarm and register the second online registration opens!
Fingers crossed!

In addition to the symposium, there is so much going on... an insane amount of day job illustration work, nights and weekends spent working on a new book to come out in the Fall (yay!), workshops in Spain in May (spots are still available in Session One), Draw Civita Workshop in June (full, but there is always next year)...whew.

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful, creative, happy and healthy 2019! CHEERS!

(sketch at the top is The Ridderzaal and Binnenhof in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Sketched while sharing a bench with USk Den Haag member Marlene Dambrink. What a great afternoon it was!)

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